Camilla the Hen

This blog is all about my hen, Camilla. She is a Black Sex Link and a sweety. She was injured 2 months ago and came in to heal. But shes staying a house chicken for lifeImage hosted by

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camilla has Died

We discovered Camilla in her coop today. It seems something small, like a weasel, got in to her part of the coop and killed her. The coop is separated in to 6 parts, 1 bird in 5, two in the biggest. Mim is there sitting on a clutch of eggs. 5 other birds to choose, but the creature had to have my Milla, my favorite lady. Im very sad and angry. What am I to do against an animal so small? I feel utterly useless.

I will miss you forever my Milla.



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