Camilla the Hen

This blog is all about my hen, Camilla. She is a Black Sex Link and a sweety. She was injured 2 months ago and came in to heal. But shes staying a house chicken for lifeImage hosted by

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Not too long ago, right after her beak breaking actually, Shane and I took Camilla out for a hike. Just a cross the road, really, but that was a hike for her! It was a cool day, but sunny and dry. She enjoyed it ALOT. She loves exploring and tasting different leaves and things.

She even was brave enough to go out on the frozen pond to skate!

But her little feet got cold pretty fast and she just HAD to get off the ice. She warmed up in the grass. She loved the spot she found so much that she had to dust bathe!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Poor camilla has lost her beak! A few days ago I had her out on the table where she loves to play. After a while I noticed that she had blood on her beack and thought that she had pecked Lucy (the welsummer hen who has her cage on the table). So I grabbed up Camilla and checked Lucy all over. There wasnt a wound anywhere. Well, I went back to Camilla and looked closer at her and caw that her top beak was shorter than her bottom. I also saw that there was a line where it looked like some of her beak had come off. So I looked around the table and sure enough, there was her beak! The top layers anyway. The poor lady is quite sore now and if she pecks hard at antying it bleeds again. but shes learning to be careful. Shes on a diet of soft food now with lots of love :)

If anyone wants to see a pic of her beak and what broke off I have a photo here - and here -

My poor Milla :(