Camilla the Hen

This blog is all about my hen, Camilla. She is a Black Sex Link and a sweety. She was injured 2 months ago and came in to heal. But shes staying a house chicken for lifeImage hosted by

Monday, May 29, 2006

Camilla had a very exciting time outside today! First I wrestled her harness on her, boy she didnt want it on! But I got her in to it and out we went. First thing she did was just stand there, amazed by all the greenery.

Then, after a few minutes of looking around and trying to get out of her harness, she went about her business eating everything in sight!

After some time out front by my teeny garden, I grabbed her up and we went out back to say hellow to the outside chickens. I wanted to see what she thought of them. Camilla hasnt been in with them in months and I thought she might like to see them. Well! SHe couldnt have cared less about them!! She just stood there, ignoring them. Then went pecking around for food. Meanwhile, all the other chickens went mad! Crying and screaming and all in a tither about this 'new bird' in their yard!

I then picked her up again and we went back out front. As we reached the front, I saw some birds flying about and screaming. I asked 'Whats going on?' and then my bf spotted one of our outside cats with a little bird. He chased her away and I scooped up the baby bird. Shes (or hes) a robin. Her parents stuck around all afternoon. But the little one is hurt and not old enough to fly.

We tried first putting her in a basket and hung it from a tree where her parents were sitting and hollering at us. She stayed in that all of maybe 5 minutes and then tried to fly away only to fall on the ground. She was hidden in the grass well, but with 20 something cats out there hunting and ready to pounce, we grabbed her up again and while trying to look at her, she got away from my bf. She flapped across the yard and down the driveway. Another outside cat, Kitten Meowing, jumped on her and after him I flew! I still had Camilla under my arm and was screaming at the cat and climbing over wood and junk in the yard and finally got him away from the little bird. I grabbed her and Camilla and I brought her back and I put the little thing under a basket on the ground. I dont think he hurt her any more than she already was.

I started thinking about everything Ive read about 'rescuing' injured birds and so after some major searching, found my old bird cage and put her in it with some water and hung her up in the tree. Her parents stuck by her all evening. But after reading a bit on line and worrying about her out there, I had my bf bring her in. She had been sitting in her water the whole time (we think) and I was afraid she would chill and die over night. So shes in here now.

So all and all, Camilla had quite an exciting time! She chased cats, ate everything she could find and even saved a little bird! *PHEW*

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Back in March, Shane and I took 'Milla out for a walk in the yard. I had meant to post these then, but they got lost in my huge library of photos. But here they are now!

First we went out front and sat in the sun. Camilla enjoyed it though she didnt like the harness much that day. She kept trying to pick it off!

Eventually she figured out she wasnt able to take it off and noticed there were alot of nice things around to eat! She loves trying new things.

Yes, that is kitty bum you see there in the background. Camilla is a brave girl and quite unafraid of cats (or any ohter animal for that matter!). This little lady doesnt have a regular name, we call her Kitten Meowings Sister. Shes a beauty.

Camilla was so relaxed and happy in the warm sun that she snuggled down in the grass and bathed. I love it when she bathes, its the cutest thing ever!

After her bath, I picked her up and we walked around a bit. We went to look at the cows and guess what? They were afraid of her!! I set her on the ground outside of their fence and every cow stared in wonderment. "What IS that thing??!!" they seemed to be saying. She meanwhile, just pecked around and didnt even seem to notice them.

After that, we headed over to Loki, my horse, and the stream. I asked Shane to set her on this little island in the stream. I thought she would look pretty there in the grass that grows on it and wanted a picture. But Shane thought it would be funny to put my poor lady out on the dam!

I was yelling "NO!" but he did it anyway. So there is my poor 'Milla, stranded out there on a rock! She just stood there looking around. Not a feather out of place. She looked rather amused! Not afraid at all! I was more frightened that she was!

The tough, brave lady didnt even get wet. She just stood on that rock and looked at everything. Shane didnt let her stay there long. I was fussing and didnt want her getting cold or worse, falling in! So he scooped her up and I brought her back inside. I did get a beautiful photo of her, my favorite of the day!